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Pet Club Renewal

Renewal Information

When your renewal date for the Healthy Pet Club comes around, please note that in order to continue receiving the same benefits and care then you need do nothing- it will automatically renew, though you will be sent notifications that the renewal is coming up.  Any potential price changes will be communicated to you separately to these renewal e-mails.

The benefits of the HPC remain the same:

  1. Vaccinations (including restarts and kennel cough for dogs)
  2. Flea and worm treatments
  3. 1 free vet consultation per year
  4. Unlimited nurse consultations per year
  5. Microchip
  6. 15% off the cost of neutering
  7. 30% off the cost of in house lab tests (blood and urine)
  8. 30% off the cost of dental treatment
  9. No insurance admin fees

Please see here for the prices for each scheme.  In addition, the terms and conditions of the Healthy Pet Club can be found here.

Please also note that we are no longer offering ‘bolt-ons’ for free blood, urine or blood pressure tests and that we are no longer offering home delivery.  If you were signed up for one of these bolt-ons the previous year then this will not automatically renew and you will no longer receive these benefits.

You may receive an e-mail from Easy Direct Debits, our direct debit provider, regarding this. Please do not be alarmed – they are acting on our behalf to renew your direct debit!

We look forward to keeping your pets healthy and happy for another year. If there are any questions then please e-mail us or call on 01480 772950