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Below is a snapshot of our prices.  The full list of prices is thousands long so is not practical to publish here.  Please feel free to contact us for estimates for more specific prices.  Please also get in touch if there are concerns over prices – we are happy to discuss alternative treatment plans where possible in order to find a solution that fits everyone.  For the Healthy Pet Club prices please see the HPC page.


Members of our HPC get 1 free vet consultation per year and unlimited nurse consultations

Consult Dog/Cat £49.00
Consult Repeat £42.00
Consult Exotic £38.00
Consult Exotic Repeat £32.00
Consult Nurse £22.00
Consult Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Ferret £42.00
Consult Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Ferret Repeat £37.00
Consult Video/Telephone £49.00
Consult Video/Telephone Repeat £42.00


Laboratory Fees:

There are many of these – our most commonly charged 2 are displayed here.  HPC members get 30% off all in-house lab fees!

Pre-anaesthetic blood test £109.00
Standard urine test (Dipstick, USG & Sediment) £49.00



Again, these are not all of the different vaccination types.  All vaccinations (including kennel cough and restarts) are included on our Healthy Pet Club apart from rabies.  All vaccinations come with a health check as standard.

Cat Booster £65.00
Cat Primary/Restart £87.00
Dog Booster £58.00
Dog Booster + KC £80.00
Dog Primary/Restart + KC £100.00
Dog Primary/Restart no KC £80.00
Rabbit £65.00
Rabies £78.00



There are hundreds of different surgeries.  These are the common neutering surgeries done on young animals to prevent breeding.  Neutering gets 15% off with our Healthy Pet Club.

Castrate Cat £90.00
Spay Cat £131.00
Castrate Dog <10kg £181.00
Castrate Dog 10-25kg £229.00
Castrate Dog 25-40kg £278.00
Castrate Dog 40-60kg £328.00
Castrate Dog >60kg £378.00
Spay Bitch <10kg £246.00
Spay Bitch 10-25kg £311.00
Spay Bitch 25-40kg £378.00
Spay Bitch 40-60kg £442.00
Spay Bitch >60kg £508.00
Castrate Rabbit £123.00
Spay Rabbit £210.00



The below prices include consultation, all drugs and sedation if needed.  They do not include cremation if this is desired – please contact us for more information on cremation types and costs.  We use PCS Northampton for all our cremations, though you are of course free to choose another crematorium if you so wish.

Euthanasia Only Cat/Rabbit £86.94
Euthanasia Only Dog £115.92



Shown below are the standard scale and polish (tooth cleaning) costs.  These include anaesthetic and hospitalisation but do not include any extractions or dental x-rays.  HPC members enjoy a whopping 30% off the cost of dentals!  Please contact us for the cost of more involved dentals, though bear in mind with dental procedures we often do not know exactly which teeth will need extracting until the day of the dental, so prices can be hard to predict.

Scale and Polish Cat £369.60
Scale and Polish Dog <10kg £396.00
Scale and Polish Dog 10-25kg £435.60
Scale and Polish Dog 25-40kg £475.20
Scale and Polish Dog 40-60kg £514.80
Scale and Polish Dog >60kg £554.40



For travel enquiries please contact us at least 1 month in advance of your date of travel, much earlier if possible.  If you are travelling to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa then please contact us at least 6 months in advance.  Pet travel has very strict rules and time limits and so planning in advance is essential!

Animal Health Certificate (Europe) £217.00
Animal Health Certificate (Europe) additional pets at same time £121.00


As before, please get in touch with us on 01480 772950 or for more information on any of our pricing or to get estimates for specific procedures.  We look forward to hearing from you!