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Introducing our shiny new team of vets, nurses, and receptionists, practically bursting with excited anticipation to serve the pet community of St Ives and surrounding areas. And they’re coming to you on the 6th June 2022. If you’re a pet owner looking for a veterinary practice with traditional values of compassion, care, and a logical approach to treating pets, and you’re also looking for a high standard of healthcare for your beloved companion, then we are the team for you! Let us take a moment to tell you about our staff, our ethos, and the equipment and facilities that we have at our disposal; combined, these all enable us to deliver excellent and personalised treatment for pets.

We are one of a diminishing number of family run veterinary practices and this sense of ‘family’ extends to our colleagues, our clients, and our animal companions as well. As pet people ourselves, we know what cats, dogs, rabbits, and all other pets mean to their owners, so we treat our patients as if they were our own. We make every effort to ensure that a pet sees the same vet each time they come to us, for continuity of care, and to help put both owner and pet at ease. We create a relaxed environment and take our time with patients, to reduce stress and to get a true understanding of what is going on. We listen to, and work with owners in a team-like fashion, because they know their companion best, and by doing so, we can realise the best possible outcomes for pets.

Despite the traditional feel to our practice, we are no dinosaurs; we understand that in this busy day and age, it is important to make pet ownership as easy and as stress-free as possible. So, we offer an online booking service, and video consultations for appointments such as post operative check-ups and long-term medication reviews. This also serves to reduce anxiety to pets who would rather remain within the familiarity of their own home than come to the vets, and we are happy to help pets live a happy, stress-free life in any way that we can. We have all the modern equipment required to deliver a comprehensive first opinion veterinary service, including digital X-ray and ultrasound capabilities. Our highly trained team have the skills and experience to provide for pets both in routine healthcare, as well as in times of illness, injury and even emergencies, for example, should they require urgent surgery. We carry out dental procedures, run nurse clinics and consider it both an honour and our responsibility to provide a dignified end when the time comes to say good bye to a beloved pet. We truly care for pets from the start of their life, right to the end, both in sickness and in order to promote health.

And there’s more! We don’t think good quality pet care should cost an arm and a leg (or should that be a forelimb and a hindlimb?), and we pride ourselves on providing excellent care at reasonable prices. What’s more, we know that keeping a pet healthy rather than treating avoidable illness is both more cost effective, and in the best interests of animal welfare. So, we have created the Healthy Pets Club in order to promote preventative healthcare. The first 20 clients to register with us will enjoy superb savings on our Healthy Pets Club with a hefty 50% discount (please note that this discount is only applicable for the first year). That discount is in addition to the discounts already worked in to our Healthy Pets Club prices so should you miss out, please rest assured that there are still incredible savings to be made on vaccinations, parasite treatments and other routine care for your pet. Just register here for more information.

So, for anyone seeking the perfect mix of modern veterinary medicine, with tailored veterinary care from a small team of passionate individuals, then look no further. And if you would like to know anything more about us, please get in touch by phone, email or simply pop into the surgery (once we’ve finished moving in!) and introduce yourself to our friendly team. We are always delighted to meet the like-minded people of the pet community.